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A 2023 informal reunion was organized by Charlotte Rockwell and held at the Canajoharie Country Club on July 29.

A 2022 informal reunion coordinated by Charlotte Rockwell was held at the Canajoharie Country Club on Saturday, July 30 beginning at 2pm.

Since our 55th reunion was thwarted in 2020 by the coronavirus vaccines have become available and Charlotte Rockwell chose to coordinate an effort to hold an informal outing at the Canajo Country Club for all classmates  and some other 60s graduates that could make it there on two dates in September 2021. The weather was cooperative and the events were enjoyed by all. Tentative plans are being made to make this an annual event during the month of July. The following 15 members of the class were able to attend this 2021 event:

Richard Ball, David Cechnicki, George Cushing, Ann Davis, Cheryl Gajowski, Walter Haig, Ronald Herron, David Loring, Lucille Lupo, Gretchen Naase, Donna Post, Charlotte Rockwell, Alan Shineman, Nancy Walts, Rodney Yacobucci

Class of 1965 50th Reunion

The Canajoharie High School Class of 1965  50th reunion was held on May 2, 2015 at the Holiday Inn in Johnstown, NY with 36 class members attending  with many accompanied by spouses and some with alumni siblings.   Those attending the event appeared to be having a great time including a number of first time reunion attendees. Once again much credit for the planning and coordination of this successful event must be given to Lucille Lupo Sitterly and her team members:

Walt Haig – Planning and Decorations   David Cechnicki – Terrific Decorative Signs  Bonnie Kamp – Planning and Alumni Researching Rosemary Lasher – Provided Dessert + Planning and Decorating, Frank Pessolano – Planning,  Dean Diefendorf (and Linda) – Planning and Decorating, Alumni and venue Researching,  Alan Shineman – Website development/maintenance,  Alumni contacting, Enlarged Yearbook Portraits.

We are most grateful to Ken Reynolds for the first batch of quality photos from the event with many being loaded into the website. Also the additional fifth grade photo recently published in the local Courier newspaper has been added to the Early Class Photo Section on the website. Additional photos that you wish to have considered for the web site can be sent to  Any follow up questions or suggestions can be directed to Lucille at

The following 36 class members attended the event:

Richard Ball
Sandra Barnes Johnson
Alice Case
David Cechnicki
George Cushing
Dean Diefendorf
Cheryl Gajowski
Walter Haig
Denise Hall Dingman
Carolyn Hayes Cunningham
Regina Hearn McGuire
Ronald Herron
Robert Jenks
Bonnie Kamp
Gary Kline
Rosemary Lasher Brown
David Loring
Lucille Lupo Sitterly
Robert Miller
Nancy Montanye Erwin
Gretchen Naase Wadsworth
Donald Ossont
Holly Sue Pedley Reynolds
Frank Pessolano
Donna Post Jones
Charlotte Rockwell Heaton
Connie Schreiber Conner
Michael Sheridan
Alan Shineman
Lynn Sitterly Harhay
Greg Stevens
Terry VanAlstine
Sue Claire Vooys Hebert
Nancy Walts
Chris Watson
Rodney Yacobucci
In addition the following teachers attended:
Franz Brill
Frank Pecora
Renee Roser